TS-lodge-group Join us Wednesday evening, Nov. 16th, for wide-ranging conversation, or browsing one of the largest esoteric libraries in Maryland. All are welcome! Free.

Hear Charles Myers this Sunday give a first-hand account of training to be a shaman. He will also talk about the history of this, one of the oldest known spiritual practices, practiced by many different people around the globe. He will show some of the drums, rattles, and tools that are used in Shamanic rituals. What does a shaman do? Addresses the spiritual aspect of illness, removes spiritual blockages, divines information – acts as healer, doctor, priest/priestess, psychotherapist, mystic, storyteller.  How does he/she do it? Come this Sunday to find out.

Charles will also show a short video about The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and briefly discuss the local group.

All are welcome to this free program.