ufo-puebla1992UFOs: Do UFOs really need to be 3-D bodies or spaceships? Carole Pressnall says of her presentation: “Are UFOs of Terrestrial or Extra-Terrestrial origin? Photos from books¬† On the Slide of Light and UFO Contact from the Pleiades (author Billy Meier) will be used to raise questions about ‘Inner-space’ as compared to ‘Outer-space’. This slide presentation will introduce the concept of possible UFO contact – through the ‘mind-machine’ and meditations in like-minded groups.

In 1993, Carl Sagan said in Parade magazine that we are hallucinating [on flying saucers and spaceships] due to sleep deprivation, fasting, drugs and media hype. Those of us who have seen what we believe to be a sighting, are often scoffed at, maligned and/or avoided. My sighting was on the island of Bimini during a 1980’s A.R.E. tour, 50 miles off the coast of Florida.”

This program is free and open to the public. There will be time for questions and discussion.