In a program entitled “Ancient Egyptian Qigong and the Emerald Tablets“, Dr. Frankie Hutton will give an introductory talk, with demonstrations, delving into the wonders of energetics, polarity balancing, and the initiation rites of Ancient Egypt, all from an esoteric viewpoint.

This program is free and open to all. Please note the new time – 2-5 pm.

Dr. Hutton bases her talk on numerous sources, including exhibits from the Egyptian wing of the Metropolitan Museum; the written works of clairvoyants such as Quitt and Leadbeater; the Emerald Tablets; and her own intuitive understanding. She has witnessed through her world-wide travels that the practices of Ancient Egypt have found their way around the globe, and in varying forms have been, and are, practiced by the Chinese, Japanese and others.

Dr. Hutton is a knowledgeable and inspiring speaker. Her recent talks at the Maryland lodge have been on “The Power of the Pyramids”, and the Rose Project which she founded.