What’s the deal with sigils? What is the point of candle magick? Why do some spell-casters have a dagger, wand, cup, and pentacle on their altars? What’s the difference between the magickal operations of Divination, Enchantment, Sorcery, The Double, and Transmogrification? Robert Randle will answer  all this and more … and not just concerning which types of magickal operations are likely to have the most success for you… but some of the theories behind why they work! This Magick 201 class will culminate with group work involving each participant’s choice of performing a guided sigil and/or candle magick operation. Group participation in the ritual portion of this class is encouraged, but not required.

This talk is free and open to all.

Mr Randle describes himself: “Art (or the process of trying to create art) has been huge pursuit of mine for as far back as my memories go, as has a fascination with religion, philosophy, fantasy, and the occult. I wanted to know what was forbidden, because I always wanted to know the full picture so I could know what was actually True.” To learn more about him, his ideas and creations, and the Temple of the Western Gate, go to his website.

Watch for a follow-up post with links to two vide0s Robert Randle produced and will make available free online –  Magick 101- Introduction to the Fundamentals and Magick 102- Continuing the Fundamentals.