from the Walters Collection, detail of 1752 depiction of Lutheran orb and cross composed entirely of microscopic hand-lettered prayers

Join others interested in the universal brotherhood of humanity, and/or  the study  of religion, philosophy and science, for an Open Discussion Sunday,  10/1. We ask you to describe for five minutes any book, article, movie, painting, etc. that touches on one of those topics. Then others discuss it respectfully, each from their own knowledge and experiences. Free and open to all.

One contribution in a recent Open Discussion was mention of a small exhibit at the Walters Art Museum, open through Oct 29. During the 500th anniversary  of the Protestant Reformation, this exhibit “focuses on ways in which Martin Luther… comforted the distressed souls of his contemporaries by approaching them as a compassionate friend rather than as a priest or theologian.”  – Uncertain Times: Martin Luther’s Remedies for the Soul

The following Wednesday evening is Library Night 10/4 – an opportunity to browse the books in our esoteric library and to engage in impromptu conversations on varied topics. TS members have borrowing privileges for books and DVDs. Non-members are welcome to read in the library. Free and open to all.

Street parking on the 500 block of N. Charles Street is free on Sundays, and after 6 pm on weekdays. We are located near the Walters Art Museum, and half a block from stop #306 on the Purple Route of the free Charm City Circulator bus.