Mr Randle’s free, online videos are available on YouTube. Magick 101Introduction to the Fundamentals is a 4-part presentation, with audio from his talk, paired with arresting graphics to illustrate the many topics he covered: Qabbalah‘s Tree of Life; the 7 Hermetic Principles; the difference between white, grey and black magick; Astrology; the Tarot; Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, and many more. Magick 102 – Continuing the Fundamentals, in 9 shorter parts, completes his analysis of the Tree of Life, with video of Mr Randle as he gave his talk.

This Sunday, April 23rd, Mr Randle will finish his current Magick series with Magick 201- Crafting Items for Spellwork. This talk is free and open to all, at the TS-MD lodge, 523 N Charles St, 2nd floor, above the Grimaldi Gallery, half a block from the Walters Museum.