Calendar-clip art 235x200We have a mix of topics for our December Sunday programs. Join us for one or more. All programs are free, 1-3 pm (our winter hours). All are Welcome.

Dec 4th: a “1916” Party, our last Centennial Sunday for the year. A party with games, set in 1916 – the year our charter was signed.

Dec 11th: “UFOs – Part IV” with Craig Newton, who continues to explore questions about extra-terrestials, with short videos including interviews he’s filmed himself.

Dec 18th: “Spirit and the Flesh-Changing Christian Attitudes” with Ann Ford. A tour of the free exhibit at the Walters Museum half a block away, “A Feast for the Senses: Art and Experience in Medieval Europe”, preceded by a short talk at the lodge about the relationship between the material and spiritual worlds.