*** This is not about magic               ***This is not about brute strength

*** It is about group energy***                     *** Believing in yourself ***

         ***Having faith in what is not visible, and the powers latent in humanity***

       ***GROUP ENERGY              ***MIND-OVER-MATTER              ***CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY***

Carole will supply heavy-duty, vintage silver-plated utensils that she test-bent ahead of time. Choose a spoon or fork that calls to you. Note its strength and hardness by doing a test bend. You may bring your own spoon or fork if you like, but test it ahead of time, making sure that it is very hard for you to bend.

She will guide us through the process of how to attune our group energy and focus it to bend the spoons. We will do multiple bends on each spoon / fork. Carole will try to take a photo of every person who wants it, immediately after he or she bends their first spoon, and then a final group portrait with all the spoons held in the air. Please keep the bent utensils and display them proudly, for all your friends and family to see. They will be irrefutable, three-dimensional proof that you created your own reality in a mind-over-matter, exhilarating group energy experience.