This coming year, beginning April 30, 2016, will mark the Centennial of the Theosophical Society in Maryland. We hope to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the signing of our charter with an expanded program agenda and extra events that highlight this wonderful occasion and show our support for the three Objectives of the Society.

We welcome members and non-members to this initial planning meeting. We need the talents and abilities of many people to make this coming year a reality. If you are unable to come to this meeting, would you leave a message with your contact information, and someone will contact you with more specific details as our planning process develops.

Information may be left:

– on our voice mail at the Lodge, 410-727-3471

– in an email to, or

– to speak to directly with Leonard Jackson Jr, President of the Lodge, call 410-878-6456

A little of your time would be an invaluable contribution to this worthwhile endeavor.