The classic ink stone and bamboo brush evolved through eons of time, forever affecting the look and style of all present day Calligraphy characters. By using these two timeless tools and the ageless stroke order for all calligraphy characters, we can paint beautiful – as well as correct characters.

All Chinese characters are drawn with a modest palette of 8 basic strokes. The character – “eternity” is a classical example where all of the 8 basic types of strokes can be found. The numbers and arrows on the character above indicate in which order and directions the strokes are written. If you practice this character, then you should be able to write all other characters. Using India ink, a glass inkstone, and bamboo brushes, we will focus on practicing the words: China & America. A brief historical account of the evolution of Chinese characters will be given in a handout. All supplies and tools will be provided. Not only will you be able to understand how the words/characters are written, but you will also appreciate the Zen of the art form itself. You may take home the Chinese characters that you have mastered.